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You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#49 The Search


My pets aren’t really a bunch of divas but maybe I am. Or could be though I really didn’t intend for the store clerk to go searching for me.

I was at Tractor Supply Co. where I usually buy a bale of timothy hay for my rabbit and guinea pigs. There’s was 1 bale left and it was all brown. I debated about taking it . I really wasn’t sure my crew would like it. They tend to like green. But I threw it in the cart anyway.

Then when I got to the check-out the clerk looked at in my cart and seemed  surprised it was timothy hay. She thought it was straw. So I asked if they had any other bales. They did. I waited while she went into the back and picked out another bale for me. One that looked better. I hope the crew appreciates it.

What are you picky about when it comes to your pet?

One reply on “You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#49 The Search”

Oooh, you’re singing my song. I’m so pick about treats for the boys. And toys. But my biggest thing is Newt’s litter. If our usual store doesn’t have it, I’ll drive all around town until I find just the right thing!