You Know You’re A Pet Parent When… #57 Preparing For BlogPaws



My Checklist

√ clothes for 6 days (3 conference/3 travel)

√ shampoo

√ skin care products

√ makeup

√ hairdryer/hairbrush

√ Laptop/phone charger

√ tablet/pen

√ business cards

√ pack munchies and water for the trip

My Critters’ Checklist

√ orientation for the pet sitter(taking care of small animals)

√ orientation for my mom (taking care of dogs and cats)

√ make checklists for their daily care

√ get Malarky’s meds setup for mom to give

√ get chewies for the dogs

√ get new dog toys for the dogs

√ stuff and freeze Kongs

√ removed tags, hangers and anything else that could lead to premature destruction of the new toys

√ get carrots for the dogs and salad stuff for the guinea pigs and bunny

√ clean guinea pig cages

√ clean bunny’s litter boxes

√ make sure hay is stock up in guinea pigs’ hayrack

√ make sure hay is stocked up in bunny’s hay boxes

√ make sure guinea pigs’ and bunny’s feed hoppers are full

√ get treats packaged for each day for the bunny

√ clean the bird’s cages

√ package the birds seed for each day

√ package the birds pellets for each day

√ wrap the birds treats in coffee filters

√ package the birds treats for each day

√ get new bird toys and hang in their cages

√ clean and fill cat litter boxes

√ stock up on cat food

√ freshen up the catnip toys


No wonder I never go anywhere!

Will I be seeing you at BlogPaws?

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