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Thrifty Thursday- Make Your Guinea Pig A Cage

The cost of caring for your pets can add up especially if you are like me with a variety of pets. I’m always looking for areas to save money so I can spend more on healthier food and more fun stuff. For Thrifty Thursday, I’ll be sharing some of the ways I’ve found to cut costs.


guinea pig cageWhen I adopted guinea pigs, Brava and Eurwheeka, I wasn’t quite ready for them, I didn’t have a cage. At least not a permanent cage. Temporary quarters became a small animal playpen I set up in the bird room (much to the dismay of Glee the diva bunny who was not happy about having to share her floor space). Then I debated- buy or make a cage.

I decided to make a C&C cage. C&C stands for cubes and coroplast which is what the cage is made from. The cubes are the wire storage cube sets you put together to make a set of 4 or 6 cubes. The coroplast is a sheet of plastic that looks like plastic cardboard and is used to make signs like the elections signs people put in their yard.

I made a C & C cage for several reasons.

1. I could a cage that was larger than most of the cages on the market. Most of them don’t give the floor space a guinea pig or two need. And don’t let the shelves fool you! The little shelves you see in many cages might provide a nice resting place but they don’t provide any meaningful room to the cage.

2. You can design your own cage. Add a loft area, a kitchen area or make a 2nd even a 3rd story. Start with a simple cage and you can always add on later.

3. It’s easy to make. I bought the cube set at Kmart and a sheet of coroplast from Home Depot. I used the connectors that came with the cubes so it didn’t require anything other than a utility knife.

4. It cost much less than the largest cage I could buy. I got the cubes on sale for less than $20 and the coroplast was about $15. I made a 2 x 4 cage (2 squares by 4 squares) which gives my piggies about 10.5 sq feet to live in.


See the other reasons a C&C cage is one of the best cages for your guinea pig, plus instructions for making one at Guinea Pig Cages. If you’d rather buy than make one check out the C&C cages at the Guinea Pig Cages Store where you can choose from many options including cor0plast color.

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