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Those Little Moments of Joy

I was bringing Roca, my African Grey parrot, downstairs for the day and as we were going down the steps she started singing “do do do-oo”. It was just a few notes, but it just made me smile. It was a great way to start the day.

Don’t you love those little moments you have with your pets? tyke and pyro

This moment with Roca had me thinking about other times one of my critters does something that makes me smile.

  • Zoomies. Who doesn’t love zoomies?! I could sit and watch zoomies all day no matter what the species. I wonder what they would think if I joined in?
  • Bunny flops. Glee loves her blankie and drags it all over, scratches it to get it just how she likes it and then *boom* flops over on her side on top of it. She just makes it look so comfy.
  • Weasel war dances. The ferret version of Zoomies, but a little more vertical. Weasel war dances belong next to the word “joy” in the dictionary.
  • Kitty head bumps. You know you’ve made it onto a cat’s special people list when they give you head bumps
  • Little birdie voices in the morning. On those days I manage to sleep in a little later, the birds get up and sometimes Eco will start talking quietly in their room. I love how quiet he is. As if he didn’t want to wake me up.

What are some of the little moments of joy you have with your pets?

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You can’t go wrong with the zoomies. 🙂

So many… I love watching Bella roll around on her back every morning to greet the day, and when she waves her front paws in the air when she’s excited. Tavish likes to wrestle the pillows on the couch, and I also love when he gets so excited he literally starts vibrating and making Chewbacca noises.

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