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Taking Your Dog for a Walk in NEPA- Kirby Park


Finally Spring has arrived!! And I decided to enjoy the nice weather by meeting a friend to walk our dogs at Kirby Park.

Kirby Park is a 52 acre park along the Susquehanna River on the Kingston side. The land was given to the city of Wilkes-Barre by Fred M. Kirby, one of the founders of Woolworths (a five and dime store for anyone not old enough to remember). The park was designed by the Olmstead Brothers who also designed Central Park in New York City.  It’s where Babe Ruth hit his longest homerun. That seems like a lot of history for a park right here in NEPA.

Almost a century ago, Kirby Park housed a zoo, but now people enjoy the tennis courts, softball fields, a track, a playground, picnic pavilions and a pond. While it’s not a park where you can let your dogs run off leash, there are plenty of walking paths to enjoy with our dogs.

Ricochet went with me to meet up with my friend, Judy, and her Cairn Terrier, Smudge. People were out in full force with their kids and dogs enjoying the nicer weather. We took a stroll through the park to the Market Street Bridge where we headed across the river to walk along the River Common– a park across the river from Kirby Park. Completed a few years ago, the River Common features benches, walkways, and an amphitheater for people to enjoy the different events that take place there. But when an event isn’t going on, it’s a nice place to go sit. Even with downtown traffic rushing by, it provides a quiet place to sit along the river. 

After taking time to sit and let the dogs enjoy watching the ducks in the Susquehanna, we got them up and moving to head back through Kirby Park to go home. I love when nice Spring days happen on the weekends so I can get out to places like this and enjoy them!

Ricochet enjoying a break on The River Common The path along the Susquehanna River dike The pond at Kirby Park A path through Kirby Park The playground and the picnic pavillion at Kirby Park A walking path through Kirby Park The Market Street Bridge A view of 1 side of The River Common from the Market St Bridge A view down the Susquehanna River from The River Common  Ricochet and Smudge posing for pictures Ricochet and Smudge still relaxing with the Market St Bridge in the background.

The last 4 pictures were taken on a walk in the fall which is why the trees have leaves on them. I added them because I was too busy talking during this walk and forgot to take enough pictures!

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