Pet Health Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday- Diabetic Pet Resources

Even though I worked in a veterinary hospital when I adopted my first diabetic cat, Woody, I still felt like I didn’t know enough about diabetes. I began looking online and was fortunate to find some resources that helped me learn more about the disease and the way to care for it. I also found support from other cat owners who shared their life with a diabetic kitty. I learned a lot and was able to make a difference not only in Woody’s life, but also in 2 other diabetic cats’, Minuit and Poughkeepsie, lives when I adopted them last year.

There are several resources on diabetes in pets online that you can turn to if your pet is diagnosed.

Pet Diabetes- General Information

Pet Diabetes Wiki

Muffin Diabetic Pets Association

Feline Diabetes

Feline Diabetes
Your Diabetic Cat

Canine Diabetes

Canine Diabetes

K9 Diabetes

Diabetes in Other Pets


Diabetes in Rabbits


Diabetic Pet Birds


Diabetes in Ferrets

Guinea Pigs-

Guinea Pigs with Diabetes


It can be shock learning your pet has diabetes. Having some knowledge about the disease can alleviate a lot of the fear, while knowing and being around others going through the same thing can help you get through the hard times.


Do you have a pet with a chronic illness? Have you found support online?