Wordless Wednesday- The 100 Days Project Days 46 to 52

I made it to the halfway point! Here are my photos from last week-

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Give Cancer The Paw- Giving Tribute

On Friday I helped my ferret Amblin over the Bridge. Like so many ferrets he developed some of the cancers that they are prone to and it just became time to let him go.

Cancer steals a lot but it can’t steal the memories of Amblin and the other pets I’ve lost to it. I’m […]

Pet Blogger Challenge- 2014 Edition


I decided to be fashionably late to the blog hop and completely missed it. But I still wanted to share because getting my goals out there where others can see them will make me more likely to work on them.


Do you know January is named for the Roman god Janus. […]

Coming Out From Behind The Blog- Meet The Blogger Blog Hop

I called Malarky’s specialist vet on Friday to confirm her recheck we had for today.  When they went to check they didn’t ask for my name, they asked for Malarky’s. When I worked at the vet clinic and even when I had my grooming shop, it was always the pet we knew. I expect it […]

You know You’re a Pet Parent when…

We all have those moments, the ones where we realize we’re not like other people. Something in our life makes us do things a little bit different, look at life in a different way. That something is our pets.




Do you have a You Know You’re a Pet Parent when…moment? Share […]