A 28 year streak has been broken. 28 years with dogs in my life and I’ve never had to deal with any of my own dogs getting skunked. Until this morning.

I put the dogs out after eating their breakfast and when I went to let them back in, only Ricochet and Mellie were waiting to come in. Havoc and Malarky were halfway down the yard circling something. It was too dark to see what the something was, but I had my suspicion by the way Malarky kept stopping to rub her face on the ground. I got my confirmation when the smell hit me. It was a skunk.

I quickly let the 2 dogs that were smart enough to stay out of the mess into the house, grabbed the treat jar and ran outside as I formulated a plan.



My Skunked Dog Plan:

1. Get the dogs away from the skunk without getting myself sprayed. You think this wouldn’t be hard. After all what dog would want to stay around something that sprayed a foul smelling substance into its face? Let me introduce you to the Jack Russell Terrier. Breed to work by itself barking and keeping a fox in one spot while several feet underground requires a lot of tenacity and spirit. There are times I like seeing that tenacity and spirit in action. This was not one of them.

Thank goodness Havoc likes food. I was able to get his attention with the treat jar and throw a treat to get him away from the skunk. Malarky didn’t want to be left out so she followed and I was able to grab them both and get them into the house.

2. Keep the dogs from spreading the skunk odor around the house. Thank goodness for crates! Both dogs were put right into their crates before they could start rubbing their faces on the carpet. Malarky got the worse of it so I was able to carry her in her crate down to the basement to do the treatment.

3. Getting rid of the skunk smell. I ran through the house gathering up the ingredients for the odor remover. It’s one I’ve recommended for years and now I was going to get the chance to see how it really worked. Luckily I had the ingredients all on hand.

Skunk De-odorizing Recipe

1 quart hydrogen peroxide

1/4 cup baking soda

2 tablespoons liquid soap


I mixed this up in a 2 liter soda bottle and headed to the basement sink to begin de-odorizing Malarky (Important: do not store the mixed up solution. Think science project volcano and that’s what can happen to the container). Be sure to not wet your dog when you begin. The recipe should be the first thing you apply to their fur. You want to treat them as soon as possible. The longer the period of time between getting sprayed and being treated the less odor will be removed. And wear gloves. Trust me on this. I had to smell skunk for the rest of the day because I used my bare hands to do this.

I put eye ointment in her eyes to them from the solution (you can buy artificial tears ointment at the drugstore. It’s good to keep on hand for baths and the off chance your dog gets skunked.) Then I applied the solution to her head (Luckily it was only her head that got hit.) and put her in her crate for about 5 minutes to let it work its magic (you may need to let your dog sit longer if they got sprayed real good). While she was sitting, I grabbed Havoc. He must have let Malarky get the full blast (that’s what big brothers are for, right?) because he had very little odor on him. But I soaked his head just in case. Once they both had sat, I rinsed them off and took a big whiff. No skunk smell!

Not completely trusting my nose I rechecked when I got home from work and I found just 1 spot between Malarky’s eyes where I probably didn’t get the solution worked in good. I’ll recheck when it rains because I’ve found other products didn’t completely remove the smell and for awhile after being sprayed you would still get a hint of skunk whenever the dog wet.

I was so glad this ended without a lot of drama and mess. Day 1 of my new streak starts tomorrow. I’m hoping for at least another 28 years before I have to deal with a skunked dog again.


How long is your skunk free streak?

Update: My friend says my nose doesn’t work! Maybe it was because the skunk smell seemed to be everywhere I couldn’t smell it that well on their heads. Friday night I was able to smell it more on their heads especially once I got them in the car and away from the house (Friday evening I found the skunk dead in my yard and took both dogs to the vet for rabies boosters. Even though I didn’t see any obvious wounds and didn’t see the dogs touching the skunk, they are 1 of the top rabies carriers in our state. I decided to play it safe in case there was contact.). The solution did help reduce the odor, but I may have needed to keep it on longer or repeat it.

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