NEPA Adoptable Pets

This form is for sharing 1 or 2 of your adoptable pets. To insure your adoptable pets are posted for the month please complete the information 3 days before your scheduled day. This gives me time to make sure the post looks good before publishing and is optimized for anyone looking for adoptable pets in NEPA in the search engines.

Photos can be uploaded in the form. Because pictures take up a lot of space on the server, I ask that you please don’t upload pictures that are larger than 600 pixels in any dimension. If you need to resize a picture, check out Picmonkey a free online photo editing program.

Contact person’s information is for any questions I may have about the submission. This information won’t be included in the post.

The second form on the bottom is to share the good news about any previously featured pets that got adopted! The good news  will be shared on your current or next adoptable pet post and in the monthly reader newsletter.

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Look Who Got Adopted! Form

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