Have you ever renamed your pet?

Mellie the Springer Spaniel

While Mellie bears some resemblance to former First Dog, Millie, I just couldn’t do the same name thing.

I love deciding on names for my pets. I tend to like giving them uncommon names, but for me the most important thing is that their name fit them. I don’t have any concrete guidelines as to how to know when a name fits, it’s all intuitive. I just know.

For many of my pets, I’m their second (or third) home. Most of them I’ve changed their name once they came here to give them a new beginning without a name that had bad associated with it (as in “Fido stop it. Fido get out of there. Fido shut UP!!!!!). Others their name just didn’t fit. A few had other reasons like my bird with the boy name when he was actually a she.


Here’s my current crew who received new names when they arrived here-

Toby became Ricochet.

Jarrett became Pyro.

Roscoe became Roca.

Bobo became Suerto.

Millie became Mellie.

I’ve never had any problems changing a name. They all adjusted well and quickly responded to their new names. I don’t rename all my pets. Some still have the same name they were given in their previous home. It just depends on the animal.

This question comes up often on  the one forum I’m on. There are some people who are like me and have renamed their pet. Then there are others who wouldn’t never think of it.

Which camp do you fall in? Have you ever or would you ever rename an adopted pet? Or do you feel it’s important for them to keep the name they had before they became part of your family?

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8 comments to Have you ever renamed your pet?

  • I was Murphy’s first human so her name was always Murphy’s Lawyer. Cecil I rescued from a ranch in Lake Dallas TX with no knowledge of her background so she became Murphy’s Lake Dallas Cielo…Bruno was Bruno in the shelter and it fit him so I kept it…Gizmo had been Lance which didn’t fit at all…He chose his own name and became Gizmo…Guess it all depends
    GizmoGeodog recently posted..Doggie Style Update–Dog Nail Bling is Fun!My Profile

  • I didn’t rename the two cats I adopted last month for my dad’s barn even though I think their names are kind of ridiculous lol. Baby Frosty and Honey Delite… I just thought I’d leave them because they’ve had them for 7-8 years, as far as I know anyways.
    Ann Paws recently posted..Tylenol and Ibuprofen are Harmful Drugs for PetsMy Profile

  • Well, we have our nicknames but mom’s first dog had an ugly name when mom found her at the shelter, she was at least 1 1/2 yrs old but mom changed her name and it was no problem at all.
    emma recently posted..Bad Beans | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  • I had a kitty named Mario when I got him from the shelter that became Yogi (which fit him SO much better!) I think they easily adapt to new names!
    Julie recently posted..What a difference a week makes!My Profile

  • Delilah came to us as Ginny. Hubby agreed to add a female dog if she could be named Delilah to go along with Sampson. I would have kept Ginny because I do like it. She was in a high kill shelter and I don’t know if she came with that name, if the shelter named her or if the rescue group named her. It seemed to me she didn’t know Ginny any better than she knew Delilah, so we went with it.

    I think if I were to add another to house it would depend on the situation. If the dog had been someone’s pet for a long time and knew their name I might not change it, but more than likely they would end up with a nickname.
    Jodi recently posted..This ‘N That Thursday – April 11, 2013My Profile

  • We haven’t renamed our dogs since they joined our family, but we did change two of our dogs names. Our first two, the littermates, were named upon adoption at 6 weeks. Everyone has nicknames though…

    Rodrigo – Rigo, Monkey
    Sydney – Syd Syd, Princess, Princess Pretty Paws
    Blue – Blueberry, Puppy

    Riley, our dog who passed on, was Jovi when we adopted her; we changed her name to Riley.
    Kimberly, The Fur Mom recently posted..50 Things I Wish I Knew About Dog Care When We Adopted Our DogsMy Profile

  • I have renamed a pet that I rescued from Charlie to Barlie. I wanted the name to kinda still sound the same so he wouldn’t be totally confused. I have another pet we rescued who was already named Sage. I couldn’t come up with anything better that I liked so she is still Sage. I agree with you – it just depends on the animal and whether you feel the name they come to you with fits them.
    I found you on problogger discussion post. I am participating too. Thanks!

  • Hi Dawn,
    I haven’t ever renamed a pet, but I can see why you would want to if the pet had a bad experience associated with their name.
    BTW I found you on problogger’s discussion post and I’m glad I did. Thanks.
    Barbara recently posted..Discuss: What meal have you adapted for food allergies?My Profile

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