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Christmas Countdown Day 8 Gift for Pet Loving Friends- DIY Air Freshener





Looking for something quick to make for your dog training club Christmas party? Or maybe to give to volunteers at your rescue? These air fresheners are easy to make and can be done in a short time. They even make a nice gift for non-pet lovers.


Supplies needed:


supplies for easy to make air freshener

A small glass jar with lid- you can buy small decorative jars or use baby food jars

Water absorbing crystals- these are used in planters to keep the soil moist. You can find them in garden centers or order through Amazon

Liquid potpourri* in your favorite holiday scent

Tulle, ribbon, doilies or other items to decorate the jar





1. Use a nail to punch holes in the lid. 026 (640x480)

2. Put crystals in jar. I added 3 spoonfuls to each jar and could have used less especially in the baby food jar because I was able to fill the jars by adding more liquid. The crystals absorb that much!

3. Add liquid potpourri. I added enough to cover the crystals then let it set for a minute to be absorbed. I repeated this until it either filled the jar or the potpourri wasn’t being absorbed anymore.

4. Put lid on.

5. Decorate as desired. I wrapped a glitter ribbon around my jars and used elastic ribbon to hold it in place.




As the potpourri evaporates the crystals will dry back up so you may not want to make too far ahead. More potpourri can be added to rejuvenate the crystals.


*Liquid potpourri is not safe for animals to ingest so the air freshener should be placed out of the reach of any pets.

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