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Christmas Countdown Day 8- All Pets Want for Christmas Blog Hop


Did you get all excited as a kid when the catalogs would start coming and you could make your list for Santa? I always went overboard. Hey, if you’re going to make a list it might as well have everything on it because you never know….


What if your pets made a list for Santa?


Here’s what I think my guys might add to their lists-


The Dogs- Ricochet, Havoc, Malarky and Mellie





The Cats- Omar, Bitsa, Pyro, Charm, Minuit and Poughkeepsie



The Ferrets- Amblin and Hijinx



The Rabbit- Glee



The Birds- Suerto, Roca, Eco and Kijivu



A mix of food and fun. That definitely sounds like my crew.


What would your pets put on their list?



All Pets Want for Christmas Blog Hop - 8 December
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9 replies on “Christmas Countdown Day 8- All Pets Want for Christmas Blog Hop”

I think our dogs have similar taste in toys. The problem being with mine, that my boys can “kill” those Skineez in a day, and my Pittie girl puppy kills the rest in minutes. Thankfully, one of her favorite toys is baling twine. Living on a ranch with hay and straw abounding, we can accommodate her quite easily.

My poor cats toys only survive if they are left upstairs where the pups can’t go. Problem being, they seem to have to bring them downstairs to play with, and they don’t survive long down here.

My birds are super picky on toys that they will play, and each have their own personal preference. Bells and mirrors being the two biggies.

So looks like your cats and I have the same idea. We need a TOWER of DOOM to lord over the rest of our household members. Though your cats vassals seem to be more numerous than mine. I will allow that you are an OK hooooman, you are making sure all those vassals are taken care of, and you acknowledge the cats need a tower of doom.