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Christmas Countdown Day 24- Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange



I made the decision a number of years ago to not renew my membership to a local dog training club. It wasn’t an easy decision and there are a lot of things I miss- the seminars, the variety of classes, the feedback from other trainers, but mostly I missed the dog talk. Well thank dog for the Internet. I was lucky enough to find some dog bloggers who filled that empty spot.

rescued insanity


Rescued Insanity is one of those blogs. I found Kristine’s blog after seeing it mentioned in another blogger’s post. On my first visit I read through quite a few posts and it was just like being in the back in the middle of the canine conversations I used to have.

Rescued Insanity is a blog about life with Kristine’s dog Shiva{with occasional appearances by The Cat and PH(practically husband)]}and all the trials and tribulations of living with a “nutty”rescue dog. I can certainly relate to her story. I’ve had a nutty dog or two in my life. In fact a few of them are still hanging around. And while there may be moments craziness, it’s not something you would trade for the world.

How can I not relate with posts like these?

While going through Why I Don’t Bother To Name Shiva’s Toys I can’t help stare at the basket of deflated and desqueakered toys and shake my head in agreement.

Reading What is a Heart Dog? makes me thankful that I’ve been lucky to have had several “heart” dogs in my life. But not all of my dogs have been heart dogs and it doesn’t mean I loved them any less.

In the ongoing debate as to what word should be used to describe our relationship with our dog- owner vs. guardian vs. parent vs. pick your term, if they ever pick teams I think I’ll be on Kristine’s side I use pet parent here, but in my heart I’m an owner.

I might resemble a few of these statements- You Might Be Dog Crazy If…

And I can completely understand how she felt when she wrote  Emergency Vet Care is a Privilege It’s not a spot you want to be in, but it’s one many people might find themselves in. I found myself there in August with my dog and it was hell. For everyone’s sake, I hope Kristine can start her organization.

Kristine took a little blogging break this year, but she is back in full force. So if you want to talk dog add Rescued Insanity to your blog reader.

rescued insanityblog

This post is part of the Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange. Created by Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes and cohosted by PupFan at I Still Want More Puppies, the Exchange gives us the chance to give the best gift ever to another blogger- our encouragement and support.

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Did you dig deep enough to find the Tim Horton’s story. Oh Dog that is my most favorites Sheevs story ever!! If you didn’t find it, you have to ask Kristine for it, it is totally classic.

Merry Christmas Dawn!!

O.M.G. Hysterical. I could picture the whole thing happening in my head. I’m sorry I missed that when I was going through blog posts. I think Kristine needs to promote that to her Favourites list.

Thanks for sharing the link Pamela!

I’m such a huge Rescued Insanity fan and I loved the chance to revisit some of her many gems. This was an absolutely wonderful post – so glad you joined us for the gift exchange!