Christmas Countdown Getting Crafty

Christmas Countdown Day 19- Easy to Make Catnip Kicker



catnipkickermain My cats miss out on playing with catnip toys. You see, there are these canine type critters that live in the house and like to eat small soft toys. In order to keep the vet bill free of GI obstruction, the cats do without.


But they are lucky enough to play with the bigger toys that stay in the living room, so this year I made them some catnip kickers to play with.

These are easy to make- you just need a sock, some stuffing and some catnip. Stuff the sock, layering some catnip in between pieces of stuffing. Also sprinkle some catnip down the sides of the sock. Don’t fill the sock all the way, to finish you’re going to tie a knot in the end of the sock (this makes for easy catnip refilling). Find a cat and watch some fun ensue!


Pyro got his Christmas present a little early!



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