Christmas Countdown Getting Crafty

Christmas Countdown Day 15- Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

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At work we decided to meet for dinner instead of exchanging gifts (Yay!). Even though we said no gifts, I thought it would be nice to put something Christmasy in a card for each of my co-workers. My first thought was a glue gun snowflake ornament I had made years ago and was really cute, but my glue gun aversion kept me from starting the project (I’m an E6000® (aff) kind of craft girl).

Then I found these cute dog cookie cutters in a craft store and knew they’d be perfect for some cinnamon applesauce ornaments that I could just slip into their cards. They are very easy to make, smell wonderful and you can make them ahead of time to give to pet loving friends.






Cookie Cutters (Wilton makes the cute dog(aff) and cat(aff) ones I used)

Rolling pin

Cookie sheet

An oven set at 250 degrees






1. Mix equals parts applesauce and cinnamon to make the dough. I used 2 cups of each and that was enough to make over 30 ornaments.


2. Sprinkle some cinnamon on your rolling surface and the rolling pin. Place your dough on the surface and roll out to about a 1/4 inch thickness.


3. Use your cookie cutters to cut out your ornaments. Place the ornaments on the cookie sheet (I covered with tin foil first. You can also use parchment paper).


4. Make holes for the hanging ribbon. I used a straw to make the holes in mine.


5. Knead all the leftover dough together and reroll to get more ornaments.


6. Once you have all your ornaments cut out and on the cookie sheet, place in the oven for an hour. Then I turned off the oven and let the ornaments in there all night.


7. The next morning I removed the ornaments from the cookie sheet. You want to do this carefully to avoid breaking any.


8. The edges will be a little rough. Use the sandpaper to gently sand the edges.


9. Thread your ribbon through the hole and tie to so it can be hung up.


They aren’t big and fancy, but they’ll be the perfect thing for my co-workers to hang in their cubicle and add a little Christmas spirit.


How have you gotten crafty this Christmas?