Pet Parent

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#48 Back To School Shopping



Does pet parent back to school shopping sound more fun than kid back to school shopping to you, too?

Pet Parent

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#47 Pinterest For Pets




In April, I started seeing an increase in the number of people following my one board on Pinterest.  Like a lot.

At first I was a little worried. Was something hacked? Most of the followers were new accounts. Then I wondered if my board was featured on someone’s blog. Nothing turned up. Still my followers went up. Then I got an email from Pinterest.

My “You Know You’re A Pet Parent Board” was chosen to be a featured board for new Pinterest users! Wow! I love doing the You Know You’re A Pet Parent (YKYAPPW) feature and feel it was a huge honor that they picked it.

Of course now I feel a little pressure to keep coming up with fun and entertaining ones. But then I was thinking I’m sure you have a lot of YKYAPPW moments. Why not see if you would like your moment to be featured? If you have a favorite just share it in the comments or email ( ). If I use it, I’ll be sure to give you credit and if you have a blog I’ll include the link(as long as it’s family friendly). 

Are you on Pinterest? If so leave the link to your Pinterest account in the comments. You can follow me on Pinterest where along with my YKYAPPW board I have boards on Pet DIY, pet recipes, and pet products reviews.

Pet Parent

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#46 Walk The Line



I always have an entourage when I move from one to another. It makes me feel pretty important. Until they try to anticipate where I’m going and I almost hit the floor. It’s amazing how a 7lb cat can trip you up.


Do you have an entourage?

Pet Parent

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#45 The Winter Coat



You know pet fashion has come a long way when your dog looks better dressed in his winter outerwear than you look in yours.  Although with my sense of fashion everyone looks better than I do.


Who dresses better- you or your dog?

Pet Parent

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#44 Before The Storm



You have to love impending snow storms.

The repeated weather warnings.

The stocking up on ice melt and shovels(what do people do with their shovels that the stores run out each storm?).

The mad dash to the grocery store to stock up on milk, eggs and bread (because you have to make French toast when it snows. Or is that just a joke here in NEPA?).

But we pet parents have our priorities right. We want to make sure the critters have plenty of food and plenty of chewies to keep them busy indoors.


Where do you head before a storm?

Pet Parent

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#43



A new neighbor moved into the house about 2 yards away over last winter and 2 dogs are frequent visitors to the house. So when we got the first real nice day to go out and do yard work with my dogs last March while they were visiting I made sure I was prepared with a pocket full of treats. When the dogs made their first appearance outside my dogs started going crazy! But I stepped in quickly got their attention on me and was successful in getting them to forget about the other dogs even when the other dogs barked. With 3 Jack Russells who have barking at other canines in their genes, I felt so proud of my dogs and myself.

I spent the next 20 minutes pooper scooping and gloating to myself (Who’s the best dog trainer in the world? This girl.) I was soon brought back to reality when the visitors were let out again  and this time the little one got away and headed straight to my fence. Chaos ensued when the dog got to the fence and fence fighting began. There was no calling my dogs away from this. All that action and reaction is too rewarding to them. Their adrenal was pumping. While waiting for the visitor’s owner came over and collect her dog, I had to go over to start removing my dogs before they decided to start fighting with each other.


My reign as world’s best dog trainer over in just a short time.


At what times does your dog make you look like the greatest trainer and the worse?

Christmas Countdown Pet Parent

Christmas Countdown Day 23- You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#42





Sleeping in late but still being able to watch the present opening joy, sounds like a great Christmas to me!

Christmas Countdown Pet Parent

Christmas Countdown Day 16- You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#41





There is no denying it know. Winter is here. Even the dogs didn’t seem too happy with it snowing all day on Saturday. But it is perfect for someone who is organized (so not me) and takes beautiful pictures of their pets (mine tend to be a blur) for yearly Christmas cards (I have a nice collection of cards I bought and never sent though I had good intentions).


Did you get hit with this weekend’s snow storm? Share your snow frolicking dogs’ picture over on the NEPA Pets Facebook page so I can show my dogs.