You Know You’re A Pet Parent When… #57 Preparing For BlogPaws


My Checklist

√ clothes for 6 days (3 conference/3 travel)

√ shampoo

√ skin care products

√ makeup

√ hairdryer/hairbrush

√ Laptop/phone charger

√ tablet/pen

√ business cards

√ pack munchies and water for the trip

My Critters’ […]

Christmas Countdown Day 22- You Know You’re A Pet Parent When #56




Isn’t it great? We get the excitement and fun of watching our little ones open their presents, but we get to do it with plenty of sleep.



The Advent Calendar For Dog Lovers Day 22

Welcome to Day 22 of the #Advent4Dogs Giveaway hosted […]

Christmas Countdown Day 8- You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#54




Shopping is not one of my favorite things especially if I am not sure what I want to buy. It’s a good thing there are pet bloggers who make my pet shopping decisions easier by putting together gift guides. Check back on Wednesday when I’ll share some of these gift […]

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#53 Being Thankful

Thanksgiving gives us the chance to remember what we are thankful for and my pets are one of the biggest things one the list.

They keep me grounded.

They keep me moving forward.

They keep me learning.

They keep me meeting new friends.

They are my life and I’m thankful for everyday they […]

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#52 Taking Out The Winter Coat



As much as I hate to admit it,it’s that time of the year.

Time to pull out the winter clothes.

And time to see what I left in my coat pockets. I usually end up pulling out a bag or two of dog treats that I left in there. I […]

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#51 In The Neighborhood

Does that make us bad neighbors?


Thank you to Kimberly from Cindy Lu’s Muse for this YKYAPP idea.

Do you have a You Know You’re A Pet Parent idea? Just share in the comments below.


You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#50

I’ve been switching my guinea pigs over to fleece bedding so I’ve been spending more time at the fabric store these days. The last few times I’ve gotten fabric cut , the person doing the cutting has asked what I’m making. I just simply reply I’m making something for my guinea pigs and they […]

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#49 The Search

My pets aren’t really a bunch of divas but maybe I am. Or could be though I really didn’t intend for the store clerk to go searching for me.

I was at Tractor Supply Co. where I usually buy a bale of timothy hay for my rabbit and guinea pigs. There’s was 1 […]