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Christmas Countdown Day 6- Crafty Christmas Presents For Pet Lovers

christmas countdown day 6


Looking for a last minutes gift for a pet lover? Or maybe you’re looking for something different with a little bit of crafty love added in. 

photo by © like to keep some pet craft ideas around for when I need a gift. Here’s a few I have saved.

Guinea pig lovers will enjoy adding this Guinea Pig Ornament Tutorial from the Cali Cavy Collective to their tree.

Ferrets have no problem wrapping themselves around our hearts, now we can have one wrapped around our neck with this Ferret Scarf from Instructables.

Computers seem to act like a magnet for cats. It can be hard to work around them(because why would we make them move?). Here’s one cat that will help make your computer work easier- the Keyboard Cat from Urban Threads helps support your wrists as you work.

One can never have too many dog treats. At least that’s what my dogs think so I assume every other dog feels the same way. So what dog owner wouldn’t love this DIY Dog Treat Jar from Décor and the Dog.

How could somebunny not love getting these Fuzzy Bunny Slippers from Instructables that are made from recycled sweaters.


Need more ideas? You can find more Pet Crafts on my Pet Crafts Pinterest board.



The Advent Calendar For Dog Lovers Day 6

Elf Advent Calendar for Dog Lovers Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 one the #Advent4Dogs Giveaway hosted by Kol’s Notes, Dogthusiast, Heart Like a Dog, NEPA Pets & Wag’n’Woof Pets. Today’s give away is sponsored by PetSafe. Enter now for your chance to win a Remote Treat Dispenser.

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Christmas Countdown Getting Crafty

Christmas Countdown Day 22- Make A Pet Reminder Board

Some links in this post are affiliate links and denoted by having (aff) after them. If you click on these link and make a purchase I get a percentage which helps keep this blog running and helps keep my pets in a way they would like to get accustomed to.



My mom lives with me and since the critters are mine, I do all their daily care. But occasionally there are times when I need her to give them dinner because I won’t be home in time. I’m getting a little tired of having to write a note so I made this quick and easy reminder board to just pull out when I need her to take care of them. It’s so quick and easy it’s something you could make up as last minutes gifts for pet people (and even non-pet people).

021 (640x480)


Supplies012 (640x480)

Corrugated Plastic– I bought a huge sheet at Home Depot. You can check a local sign shop to see if they sell pieces, buy on Amazon(aff) or use an old yard sign that is only printed on one side.

Duck Tape– I found a cute Scotty Dog pattern, but it was tough making a choice with all the patterns(aff) available.


Exacto Knife or Box Cutter



019 (640x480)1. Cut the corrugated plastic to the size you’d like. The duck tape will cover about an 1 inch of the plastic so keep that in mind when determining the size. I made mine 10 inches by 12 inches. 

2. Cut 4 pieces of duck tape to the length of each side (2 short, 2 long)

3. Apply the tape to each side. I applied it so there was about an inch on each side of the board.

4. Write your message. If giving as a gift, leave blank and include a marker so the recipient can write their own message.



How do you leave pet info for other people in your household?

Christmas Countdown Getting Crafty

Christmas Countdown Day 15- Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Some links in this post are affiliate links and denoted by having (aff) after them. If you click on these link and make a purchase I get a percentage which helps keep this blog running and helps keep my pets in a way they would like to get accustomed to.


At work we decided to meet for dinner instead of exchanging gifts (Yay!). Even though we said no gifts, I thought it would be nice to put something Christmasy in a card for each of my co-workers. My first thought was a glue gun snowflake ornament I had made years ago and was really cute, but my glue gun aversion kept me from starting the project (I’m an E6000® (aff) kind of craft girl).

Then I found these cute dog cookie cutters in a craft store and knew they’d be perfect for some cinnamon applesauce ornaments that I could just slip into their cards. They are very easy to make, smell wonderful and you can make them ahead of time to give to pet loving friends.






Cookie Cutters (Wilton makes the cute dog(aff) and cat(aff) ones I used)

Rolling pin

Cookie sheet

An oven set at 250 degrees






1. Mix equals parts applesauce and cinnamon to make the dough. I used 2 cups of each and that was enough to make over 30 ornaments.


2. Sprinkle some cinnamon on your rolling surface and the rolling pin. Place your dough on the surface and roll out to about a 1/4 inch thickness.


3. Use your cookie cutters to cut out your ornaments. Place the ornaments on the cookie sheet (I covered with tin foil first. You can also use parchment paper).


4. Make holes for the hanging ribbon. I used a straw to make the holes in mine.


5. Knead all the leftover dough together and reroll to get more ornaments.


6. Once you have all your ornaments cut out and on the cookie sheet, place in the oven for an hour. Then I turned off the oven and let the ornaments in there all night.


7. The next morning I removed the ornaments from the cookie sheet. You want to do this carefully to avoid breaking any.


8. The edges will be a little rough. Use the sandpaper to gently sand the edges.


9. Thread your ribbon through the hole and tie to so it can be hung up.


They aren’t big and fancy, but they’ll be the perfect thing for my co-workers to hang in their cubicle and add a little Christmas spirit.


How have you gotten crafty this Christmas?

Christmas Countdown Getting Crafty

Christmas Countdown Day 19- Easy to Make Catnip Kicker



catnipkickermain My cats miss out on playing with catnip toys. You see, there are these canine type critters that live in the house and like to eat small soft toys. In order to keep the vet bill free of GI obstruction, the cats do without.


But they are lucky enough to play with the bigger toys that stay in the living room, so this year I made them some catnip kickers to play with.

These are easy to make- you just need a sock, some stuffing and some catnip. Stuff the sock, layering some catnip in between pieces of stuffing. Also sprinkle some catnip down the sides of the sock. Don’t fill the sock all the way, to finish you’re going to tie a knot in the end of the sock (this makes for easy catnip refilling). Find a cat and watch some fun ensue!


Pyro got his Christmas present a little early!



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Countdown to Christmas Day 18- Easy to Make Pet Bed


Looking for a gift idea for your pet? Here’s an easy almost no-sew bed to make for your pets or to donate to a shelter or rescue.


I came up with this idea because I wanted to replace the dog beds in 3 of my dogs’ crates, but found the cheapest I could find were about $20 each. Then I came upon a pin on Pinterest which showed a variation for finishing those fleece blankets that you tie together. I really liked the look and decided I could probably make beds for a lot less than I could buy one.


Fleece- Amount depends on how big you want your bed.

Quilt batting


Hand sewing needle

Fabric scissors



1. First I folded my fabric in half so I could cut both sides at the same


2. I used my old dog bed as a pattern. If you don’t have a bed to use, make a paper pattern or you can try just measuring it out on the material. I added 1 ½ inches to each side for the part that would be cut into fringe.


3. I then cut the batting by placing the pattern on top and then cutting it. The batting is cut to the size you want your bed.


4. Once I had my pieces cut out, I began making the fringe. I found the easiest way for me was to use a fringe ruler. I used the width of the ruler as a guide for the width of each piece of fringe.


  • I began by cutting out the corners. Using a ruler I measured down each fabric edge and marking the 1 1/2 “ point with a pin. At that point I measured in from each point placing a pin along the ruler to mark where I would cut. I cut along each line to cut out the corner.
  • Once the corners were cut out, I placed the ruler so the 1 1/2” mark was at the fabric edge and the end of the ruler (the 0” end) was pointing away from me toward the center of the fabric. I then cut down the side of the ruler, stopping at the end. I repeated this down each side.
  • I adjusted the width of the fringe as I got to the end of each side if needed, to ensure they were wide enough.
  • I then cut a hole about 1/2” long into the center of each piece of fringe.


5. Once the fringe was cut, I took my piece of batting and placed it on one of the sides. I then used my needle and thread to tack the batting to the fabric in each corner and in the middle. This helps keep the batting from rolling up when the bed is washed.


6. I placed the second piece of fabric on top and began weaving the fringe.


  • Beginning with the first piece of fringe on the top of one of the sides. I pulled it through the hole in the first piece of fringe on the bottom.
  • Then I pulled the second piece of fringe on the bottom through the hole in the first piece of fringe on the top. I continued doing this around the entire bed (this is similar to how you did the edge on those pot holders you made when you were younger).
  • For the very last piece of fringe, I cut through it, so it was split into 2 pieces at the top. I inserted one piece through the hole  and tied a double knot, trimming any loose ends.


Easy to make and only took a few hours to make all three, but the big bonus was they were a hit with both the dogs and the cats!