You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#52 Taking Out The Winter Coat




As much as I hate to admit it,it’s that time of the year.

Time to pull out the winter clothes.

And time to see what I left in my coat pockets. I usually end up pulling out a bag or two of dog treats that I left in there. I guess you’re supposed to wash your coat before putting it away. Someday when I’m more organized….


What have you found in your pockets?

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#51 In The Neighborhood


Does that make us bad neighbors?


Thank you to Kimberly from Cindy Lu’s Muse for this YKYAPP idea.

Do you have a You Know You’re A Pet Parent idea? Just share in the comments below.

October Cover Pet Winners

Congrats to Pepper and Lacie who are featured on the NEPA Pets Cover Photo for October!

October 2014 Cover Pets


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You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#50

I’ve been switching my guinea pigs over to fleece bedding so I’ve been spending more time at the fabric store these days. The last few times I’ve gotten fabric cut , the person doing the cutting has asked what I’m making. I just simply reply I’m making something for my guinea pigs and they […]

Wordless Wednesday- The 100 Days Project Days 60 to 66

This week was a little crazy so my photos are a bit blah and I was even late one day. But I’m back on track with only about a month left in the project.

Did you pick out the new additions to my family last week? Thanks to some input from my friends this week […]

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#49 The Search


My pets aren’t really a bunch of divas but maybe I am. Or could be though I really didn’t intend for the store clerk to go searching for me.

I was at Tractor Supply Co. where I usually buy a bale of timothy hay for my rabbit and guinea pigs. There’s was 1 […]

Malarky and the Gallbladder Mucocele

I’m taking part in the Caring For Critters Round Robin hosted by Jodi from Heart Like A Dog. The Round Robin is like a relay race, each day a fellow blogger will share a post about a specify injury or illness they have experienced. Please keep in mind, I am not a vet and this […]

Wordless Wednesday- The 100 Days Project Days 53 to 59

I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep this up. It’s been a little hard to find different ways to take pictures everyday. It would be easier to take pictures of everyone sleeping, but that would be boring. Here’s this week’s photos. If you look carefully you might some some new additions to my family.