You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#46 Walk The Line



I always have an entourage when I move from one to another. It makes me feel pretty important. Until they try to anticipate where I’m going and I almost hit the floor. It’s amazing how a 7lb cat can trip you up.


Do you have an entourage?

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#45 The Winter Coat



You know pet fashion has come a long way when your dog looks better dressed in his winter outerwear than you look in yours.  Although with my sense of fashion everyone looks better than I do.


Who dresses better- you or your dog?

Thrifty Thursday- Make Your Guinea Pig A Cage

The cost of caring for your pets can add up especially if you are like me with a variety of pets. I’m always looking for areas to save money so I can spend more on healthier food and more fun stuff. For Thrifty Thursday, I’ll be sharing some of the ways I’ve found to cut costs.


guinea pig cageWhen I adopted guinea pigs, Brava and Eurwheeka, I wasn’t quite ready for them, I didn’t have a cage. At least not a permanent cage. Temporary quarters became a small animal playpen I set up in the bird room (much to the dismay of Glee the diva bunny who was not happy about having to share her floor space). Then I debated- buy or make a cage.

I decided to make a C&C cage. C&C stands for cubes and coroplast which is what the cage is made from. The cubes are the wire storage cube sets you put together to make a set of 4 or 6 cubes. The coroplast is a sheet of plastic that looks like plastic cardboard and is used to make signs like the elections signs people put in their yard.

I made a C & C cage for several reasons.

1. I could a cage that was larger than most of the cages on the market. Most of them don’t give the floor space a guinea pig or two need. And don’t let the shelves fool you! The little shelves you see in many cages might provide a nice resting place but they don’t provide any meaningful room to the cage.

2. You can design your own cage. Add a loft area, a kitchen area or make a 2nd even a 3rd story. Start with a simple cage and you can always add on later.

3. It’s easy to make. I bought the cube set at Kmart and a sheet of coroplast from Home Depot. I used the connectors that came with the cubes so it didn’t require anything other than a utility knife.

4. It cost much less than the largest cage I could buy. I got the cubes on sale for less than $20 and the coroplast was about $15. I made a 2 x 4 cage (2 squares by 4 squares) which gives my piggies about 10.5 sq feet to live in.


See the other reasons a C&C cage is one of the best cages for your guinea pig, plus instructions for making one at Guinea Pig Cages. If you’d rather buy than make one check out the C&C cages at the Guinea Pig Cages Store where you can choose from many options including cor0plast color.

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#44 Before The Storm


You have to love impending snow storms.

The repeated weather warnings.

The stocking up on ice melt and shovels(what do people do with their shovels that the stores run out each storm?).

The mad dash to the grocery store to stock up on milk, eggs and bread (because you have [...]

Chainsaw Artist Who Carves Pets Featured On WNEP

I am in awe of people who are artistic, especially those who use potentially dangerous tools like chainsaws. WNEP’s Home and Back Yard featured a chainsaw artist who carves pets from logs.

You can see some of the work done at Dream Wood’s Facebook page.

You Know You’re A Pet Parent When…#43


A new neighbor moved into the house about 2 yards away over last winter and 2 dogs are frequent visitors to the house. So when we got the first real nice day to go out and do yard work with my dogs last March while they were visiting I made sure I was [...]

Why I Removed The Puppy Bowl Post

This week I published a post about a local rescue, Friends of Pep Border Collie Rescue, appearing in the Puppy Bowl and in a commercial with Michele Obama. Unfortunately, since I published the post it has come to light that the owner was charged in December with operating an illegal kennel in PA as well [...]

Pets And Specialty Vets Radio Show Hits The Air Waves In NEPA


Pet lovers will be excited to have a new radio show to listen to.  Pets and Specialty Vets premiered yesterday on WILK Newsradio. Hosted by the veterinarians from the Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center in Clarks Summit, the first show featured veterinarians Dr. Dionne Ferguson – Internal Medicine, Dr. Boogie Yates – Neurology, [...]